Different professionals, different stories

Freelance Casting Director

Amelia’s Effective International Casting

"As a freelance casting director, I have to be incredibly fast, agile and effective. Juggling multiple projects at once is nowhere close to easy. I was in search of a tool that would respond to all of my needs and help me be more effective in communication with both talent and clients."


Marcus’ Cost-Efficient Casting

"I was looking where I could cut some corners to meet our casting needs more efficiently. Working with casting agencies was expensive and using our own database was a time-consuming process. There was definitely room for improvement here. I decided to start using our database more, expand it and pair it with a modern production management tool. My initial plan was creating our custom casting management tool but then I learned about Production Tools. It helped us save some serious cash and nerves while developing such a tool ourselves."

Casting Director

Stephanie’s Effective Casting

"Production Tools casting software is quick, cost-effective and an absolute pleasure to work with. Now I don’t have to go back and forth through multiple Excel sheets, sort hundreds of folders and spend hours checking actors’ availability. This tool has helped me in many extremely challenging projects."

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