Production Tools
Video production management software that makes it simple to organize all your video production assets in one place.
Upload, store and manage your assets in one place. Create separate databases for casting, props, locations, crew contacts or anything you plan to store.
All your uploaded content will be accessible only to you and people you choose to share it with. It will be private and yours only.
Search the entire database by criteria like gender, location, measurements, skills or profile upload date. Your custom parameters will also be active in the search.
Create your own custom labeling for your database assets - add new properties, delete, rename or edit default data input fields.
Assign to project
Assign to project
Easily assign your entries to projects and create additional folders to organize those entries into confirmation stages as offered, rejected, commented, confirmed ones, etc.
Share and gather comments
Share your filtered entries to clients, directors etc. Collect comments on your casting, props, location offers at ease. Hide specific attributes that you don’t want to share (e.g. contacts or your notes).
Access your database from any computer and save tons of gigabytes on your computer. Production Tools runs in the cloud, thus no worries about backups and compatibility with your computers.
Your team
Create accounts for your team members to store assets on databases and collaborate on your projects. Production Tools user management allows to set up account level: read only or edit the content.