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Production Tools is a cloud-based casting database software for casting directors, casting coordinators, freelance casting professionals, extras agencies, video and film production companies who want to build their own private casting database and/or need tools to streamline their workflow from the casting call all the way to the final wrap.

Production Tools empowers casting directors with a toolset for managing a private database, especially when public databases are not an option. This can happen if they lack the specific talent needed, or simply don't serve your area adequately. Unlike public talent platforms that offer a predefined pool of talent, Production Tools equips you with advanced tools to build, manage, and communicate with your own talent pool, elevating your autonomy and efficiency in the casting process.

Production Tools empowers casting directors with a comprehensive toolset for managing a private database, especially when public databases are insufficient. This can happen if they lack the specific talent needed, or simply don't serve your area adequately.

Transitioning to Production Tools will centralize and synchronize your current workflow into one cohesive system, greatly enhancing efficiency and organization over the traditional use of disparate tools.

Pricing & Plans

Free online casting platforms typically have a different aim: to help talent find projects. PT provides a suite of powerful tools that replace the disjointed use of emails, cloud drives, Google Forms, spreadsheets, and notes. By investing in PT, you're streamlining all aspects of the casting workflow into a single, powerful software that can make your casting process significantly more effective and less time-consuming.

User seats represent the number of individual team members who can access the software under a single account, each with their own login and permissions.

Uploaded items are the sum of all entries in your databases—profiles, videos, documents—uploaded by you, your team, as well as any external submissions via open casting call forms.

Video storage is calculated based on the file size after encoding. For instance, with 30GB of storage, you could host approximately 650 minutes of encoded video content.

Yes, you can upgrade from a freelance to a professional account at any time to access enhanced features and increased limits as per your needs.

Production Tools operates on a strict no-refund policy. Once a subscription fee is paid, it is non-refundable, even if the service is not used for the entirety of the subscription period.

Currently, Production Tools does not offer the option to pause subscriptions. Regular billing will continue regardless of whether the service is actively used during the subscription period.


The interface of Production Tools is currently available in English. However, all talent-facing experiences, such as casting call forms, can be translated into the language of your choice to accommodate a broader array of talents.

Upon creating an account with PT, you begin with an empty database, empowering you to build a bespoke database that caters exclusively to your needs and maintains complete privacy.

PT's Casting Call forms collect talent applications in a uniform format with all mandatory fields completed, saving you the time traditionally spent on manual sorting and information requests.

Certainly, PT's streamlined Shared Links feature simplifies the process of sharing talent profiles, enabling collaborative feedback within a well-organized and interactive space.

PT facilitates the self-tape requesting process by allowing mass communications and direct uploads to project folders, negating the steps of manual emailing, and file handling.

PT hosts robust Mass Email and SMS features that empower casting directors to communicate updates, requests, or inquiries to large groups of talent efficiently.

Yes, PT makes it painless to export talent details into professional-grade PDFs or Excel spreadsheets, ready for presentations, or departmental coordination.

PT transforms the cumbersome task of checking availability into a streamlined operation, allowing you to quickly gauge the interest and availability of your talent pool with mass communication tools.

Yes, PT allows talents to update their profiles. You also have control over who has this option, when talent can make updates, and which data fields they are permitted to edit.

Indeed, PT offers extensive customization options. You can create properties, attributes, and adapt data-input fields to align with your project's unique necessities.

Technical Support

If you are not receiving email notifications, please inspect your spam folder. If the problem persists, contact our support team for assistance.

Unfortunately, once a project or profile is deleted from PT, it cannot be restored. We encourage users to double-check before performing any deletions.

If you are encountering issues with your initial login, kindly verify your spam folder for the account confirmation email. If the issue continues, reach out to our support team for help.

The custom outgoing email address allows professional account holders to send mass emails from PT that appear to come directly from their business domain, thus maintaining brand consistency.

Importing your current database into PT is straightforward. You may opt to upload profiles one by one, in bulk using Excel, or through casting call forms that talents complete, which directly populates your PT database.

PT's powerful filtering options enhance the searchability within your database, enabling rapid identification and assignment of talent to specific projects or stages.

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