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Getting started

Production Tools is a cloud-based casting database software for casting directors, casting coordinators, freelance casting professionals, or video production house producers who want to build their own and private casting database.

Production Tools is available in English. However, all actor attributes and online registration forms can be translated easily by the user.

For easy data import from Excel, we have prepared a downloadable template. Please download it and fill it in. Bulk image import is also supported. If you are struggling with data import, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

If you are using your own data management method, contact us to help you smoothly transfer your data to Production Tools. We will see what we can do! Please contact us at support@production.tools

Pricing & plans

Our pricing is based on the number of assets (like actors) you upload to your database. Having this in mind, our Free plan allows you to create 50 actor profiles. The Free plan gives you a chance to try all the features you would get if you decided to purchase a bigger plan. With a Starter plan, you can create 500 profiles. The number of assets you can add increases with bigger plans.

Yes. You can change or upgrade your plan at any point in your account settings, but please note that we do not refund the canceled plan.

No. The number of users is unlimited and independent of the plan that you choose.

You can change your plan at any point in your account settings, but please note that we do not refund the canceled plan.

To downgrade your account, you need to delete the exceeding items (talent profiles) to match the plan you want.

Usage Guides

To upload a video to the talent profile, you simply need a link from a video sharing platform such as Youtube or Vimeo. Once you have the link, insert it at the designated bar found on the talent profile editor. Then click the button 'Insert'. Done!

To export profiles, first of all, add the selected profiles to any folder. Then, click on the icon next to the desired folder and select the format that you need. Now, select which options you want to include in your file. Once complete, click 'Export' at the bottom of the options list. You can export data from Production Tools in two formats - XLS and PDF. Excel export is unlimited, but you can export PDF with folders of up to 200 items.

Yes. We care deeply about data privacy and security. We strive to keep our security practices industry-leading.

Account problems

First, please check your spam folder. If you can't find our emails there, contact our support team.

First, please check your spam folder. If an account confirmation email is not there, contact our support team.

You still have a question?

If you connot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!

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